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What can we offer?

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Positive Power offers a wide range of professional IT outsourcing services. Our employees constantly upgrade their qualifications and competencies.

Body leasing allows the Customer to hire a whole project team or a single specialist. We establish with the Customer a specific time frame and other terms of cooperation and on this basis we try to select the most qualified specialist for a given project. The aims of the incorporated solutions are full efficiency and quick reaction to changing customer needs.

The client has a possibility to select specialists who will constitute his project team including a team manager. The team is chosen according to employees' experience and competencies. Body leasing is a great opportunity to work with the best IT experts and at the same sinificantly time reduce the costs.

  • IT experts
    with the highest
  • Team selected
    in terms of
  • Close
    with the client

How does the cooperation look like?

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  1. Stage 1 - Analytical works

    • analysis of the client's goals and expectations towards the project
    • business and system analysis, including competition research
  2. Stage 2 - Conceptual and design works

    • adjusting the offer to the customer’s needs and establishing specific conditions of the cooperation
    • depending on the business model: developing a detailed work schedule, closed budget and specification or systematic planning of the work in following sprints (with the client's active participation)
  3. Stage 3 - Programming and implementation works

    • implementation of the entrusted tasks in cooperation with the client
    • depending on the customer's needs and chosen business model, there is a possibility to modify and redefine the scope of works during the project realization (Scrum)

What do you gain?

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  1. 1 assistance of the qualified IT experts possibility to work with the best engineers, without the necessity to employ them permanently
  2. 2 reduction of the fixed costs you pay only for the service reducing expenses connected with insurance and other employee benefits as well as costs concerning the requirement of candidates
  3. 3 opportunity to focus on the key areas of the company due to more effective optimization of the business processes
  1. 4 opportunity to implement software based on the latest technologies and standards outsourced developers regularly increase their qualifications ensuring the highest quality of the developed software
  2. 5 more effective working time outsourcing services means that developers work only when the tasks are scheduled
  3. 6 delegation of responsibility a company providing a development team takes over full responsibility for realized IT projects

How does it work?

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Our developers work in Scrum methodology or on the basis of waterfall model.

Agile software development is characterized by highly scalable solutions as well as fast and effective results. Certified Scrum Masters take care that the project team performs at its highest level. The team works in previously established work cycles lasting from 2 up to 4 weeks. It allows us to perform our tasks more effectively and gives a possibility for a quicker reaction to changing project objectives.

  • possibility to adjust to client's changing needs
  • constant collaboration with the client
  • projects characterized by a full scalability

The waterfall model consists in completing given tasks within distinct and succeeding phases. Frequently, it turns out less flexible as a given stage has to be completed fully before the next one can begin. This model is usually chosen for simple project which do not incorporate any uncertain requirements.

  • predictable work schedule
  • closed budget
  • risk minimization

What else should you know?

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There are two methods of pricing of the IT outsourcing services that Positive Power offers to the customer. The client may choose either “fixed price” or “time&materials” model. Before deciding which one is the most appropriate for a given project, a careful analysis concerning project specifications is performed. Time& material is usually selected for agile project whereas fixed price works well in projects conducted in waterfall model.

  • Fixed price

  • accurate evaluation of the project size
  • developed work schedule - the final product is coherent with the original assumptions of the project
  • it is easier to set a project budget
  • defined date of the project completion

This model significantly minimises expenses and risk. It results from a careful analysis of the client's circumstances and goals as well as optimized budget. Firstly, prior to the cooperation, an agreement is negotiated. It considers the cost of outsourcing services and other contact arrangements. Fixed price model is recommended for projects that do not provide for budget modifications and flexible work schedule.

  • Time&materials

  • possibility to modify the project during the realization
  • it is easy to redefine chaining objectives of the customer
  • recommended for complex projects
  • complete control of every phase of the project

The model is usually chosen in case of complex projects in which there is a strong likelihood that the business needs and objectives will be modified in the course of the project realization. A set amount per hour is established by the parties and regular reports of realization progress are sent to the client. Thus the client stays always up-to-date and he can alter the work scope if necessary.

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